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November 19 2017

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Carl Sagan & Ann Druyan wrote a letter to Chuck Berry on his 60th birthday letting him know that his song Johnny B. Goode is on the spacecraft voyager (at that point 2 billion miles from Earth). This time capsule inside voyager should last at least a billion years.

What legends.

R.I.P. Chuck Berry; 1926-2017

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lutz vittong
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Sanatorium of Silence

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Paintings by Anne-Marie Kornachuk

I am interested in looking at states of being; spaces and events that create many questions and answers and can be looked at in positive and negative ways. I use figurative gesture, color, and composition to speak about these internal states. I intentionally convey only small details of the body. These figurative details speak for the body as a whole. They also represent moments of intense intimacy, placing the viewer in the position of voyeur or participant. The animated nature of the fabric, which overwhelms the figure at times, plays multiple roles. I see a kind of operatic drama in the beauty, complexity and rippling energy of the fabric as if the fabric is alive with the hidden internal dramas of the figure (…)

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digital_editz Montes De Anaga

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